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Polymer preparation stations

Polymer preparation stations

Polymer preparation stations and metering systems are special developments used for feeding liquid and / or powdered polymers. The product range is equipped with a brand new controller which additionally optimises operability - experience it yourself at our IFAT trade fair booth!

The use of polyelectrolytes as flocculants have a very broad range of applications and are used everywhere where colloidal solids and liquids have to be separated in an economical manner.
They are designed on the basis of our many years of experience in the field of waste water treatment. Hundreds of applications worldwide serve as impressive testimony to this highly specialised competence.

  • Reliable, mature technology
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Easy to operate

In addition, we are exhibiting the following at IFAT:

Tomal Big-Bag emptiers are designed for use with both disposable and returnable sacks. When combined with the multi-screw feeder, they serve as a complete system for emptying and metering free-flowing or non-flowing bulk materials.

Multi-screw feeder
The TOMAL volumetric multi-screw feeder by ProMinent is especially designed for safely emptying silos while simultaneously ensuring high metering accuracy for almost all solids. Its unique design makes it superbly suited for metering powders and granulates.

Further Information about Polymer Preparation Station can be found here

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