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Highest Water Quality at the Hilton Hotel, Malta

Highest Water Quality at the Hilton Hotel, Malta

The Hilton Hotel in St. Julian, Malta, is located directly at the beach. In the course of modernisation measures, an effective alternative for the insuffi ciently functioning seawater desalination system for the generation of drinking water was to be found.

At the same time, the hotel wanted to become independent of the public water supply. Expert competence was also required for the treatment of the swimming pool water.

The solution

Two complete water treatment systems with a total capacity of 250 m3 of water per day and disinfection
systems for the interior and exterior pools, consisting of:

  • Dosing systems
    - For scale inhibitors to prevent deposits and biofilms
    - For the disinfection of drinking and industrial water
    - For the water disinfection and pH value adjustment of the exterior and interior pools
  • Reverse osmosis systems for the desalination of the complete inlet water
  • Automatic measurement of all water parameters such as pH value, conductivity and chlorine

The result

The hotel is independent of the public water supply thanks to the two water treatment systems working in tandem. This signifi cantly reduces the costs. So the hotel with its 294 beds has always hygienically clean water.
Dosing systems as well as precisely matched measuring and control technology guarantee high drinking water quality at minimum use of chemicals. Bathing fun thanks to optimal disinfection at minimum use of chemicals without skin irritations and odours is guaranteed for any number of guests.

"Our guests expect water of highest quality and this 24 hours a day. With the treatment systems by ProMaqua, we can reliably and efficiently guarantee hygienically clean water in the entire hotel complex. The result can actually be tasted in the food."

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