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The nicest compliment? Satisfied customers!

The nicest compliment? Satisfied customers!

The luxury hotel Le Paradis on Mauritius offers a total of 286 rooms as well as suites, bungalows, villas and a large pool area. Water on Mauritius is scarce and public supply is not guaranteed smoothly.

For a constant water supply in 5-star quality for drinking and pool water, the most sophisticated treatment and hygiene technologies were looked for. Top priority was given to the supply of all areas of the high-class hotel with crystal-clear and germ-free water.

The solution

Water treatment system consisting of:

  • Two seawater desalination systems with a capacity of 800 m3 of drinking water per day, equipped with:
    - 3 x sand filters, 1 x reverse osmosis system, 1 x remineralisation filter
    - Several dosing systems for pre- and post-treatment
  • Disinfection of the drinking and service water as well as legionella prophylaxis by a chlorine dioxide plant
  • Fully-automatic treatment of the swimming pool water by:
    - Dosing systems for disinfectants and pH value adjustment
    - Measuring and control system for all water parameters, including automatic documentation of the parameters

The result

Highest drinking water quality and legionella prophylaxis in the entire hotel. Bathing fun in hygienically perfect but not aggressive water. Cost savings thanks to minimum use of chemicals as well as less staff required thanks to automated water maintenance with remote access. This means satisfi ed guests and hotel operator - extension is planned.


“From a 5-star resort, I also expect water of the highest quality - like I experienced it at the Beachcomber Le Paradis: Healthy, clear drinking water without chlorine smell and clean pool water without my chil dren’s eyes turning red”.

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